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HOMETechnologyTechnical TopicsReliability-up (Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines)

Reliability-up (Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines)

Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines


Rotor Assembly

1. Improvement of service life of turbine blade in wet region T-S-002 (PDF/218KB)PDF
2. Improvement of drain erosion resistance for last stage blade T-E-009 (PDF/238KB)PDF
3. Repair of damaged rotor journal portion CT-S-025 (PDF/485KB)PDF

1st Stage Nozzle

1. Application of diffusion treatment against solid particle erosion T-E-008 (PDF/267KB)PDF

Governing Device Assembly

1. ASKANIA type pressure governor production stop and replacement with electronic governor T-S-016 (PDF/174KB)PDF

Gov. Side Bearing Assembly

1. Replacement of thrust bearing with improved type CT-S-023 (PDF/379KB)PDF
2. Thrust bearing with Ni-plating for ammonia plant CT-S-024 (PDF/263KB)PDF
3. Replacement with tilting pad bearing T-S-013 (PDF/112KB)PDF

Extraction Control Valve Assembly

1. Online washing system T-E-010 (PDF/479KB)PDF

Exh. Side Bearing Assembly

1. Replacement of sleeve bearing with tilting pad bearing T-S-013 (PDF/112KB)PDF

Trip Throttle Valve Assembly

1. Addition of partial stroke test device for Mechnical Trip Throttle Valve during operation T-S-006 (PDF/272KB)PDF

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