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HOMETechnologyTechnical TopicsReliability-up (Compressors)

Reliability-up (Compressors)



Rotor Assembly

1. Repair of damaged rotor journal portion CT-S-025 (PDF/485KB) PDF

Internal Parts

1. Application of coating for internal parts against fouling and corrosion C-S-020 (PDF/107KB) PDF
2. Application of abradable seal to improve compressor performance & to reduce corrosion damage C-E-003 (PDF/102KB) PDF
3. Application of PEEK material seal against corrosion environment C-S-022 (PDF/114KB) PDF

Seal system

1. Application of dry gas seal C-S-019 (PDF/116KB)PDF


1. Replacement of thrust bearing with improved type CT-S-023 (PDF/379KB)PDF
2. Thrust bearing with Ni-plating for ammonia plant CT-S-024 (PDF/263KB)PDF


1. Replacement with Diaphragm Type Coupling C-S-014 (PDF/354KB)PDF

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