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The Package of Compressor and H series Gas Turbine

The Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems H-100 100 MW Class twin shaft gas turbine is ideally suited as a main refrigeration compressor driver for 4 to 6 mtpa LNG plant

H-100 Gas Turbine

H-100 is 100MW class heavy duty gas turbine with 2-shafts and DLE combustor.

  1. Higher efficiency
  2. Variable speed operation is available.
  3. Settle-out start-up is available.
  4. Helper motor, VFD panel and associated electric equipment are not required
â– H-100
ISO Power and Efficiency 112.4MW 39.0% (Good part load efficiency)
Operating Speed 3,000rpm (84-105%)
Start-up Settle out restart without starter

H-100 driven MR Compressor

MCO package of compressor and gas turbine provide the solutions for less equipment, high efficiency and more LNG production.Significant saving of plot space and cost can be available.

Light & Compact Module

  • MHPS/MCO can provide each equipment packaged in Module.
  • This enables to achieve minimized construction work at site.

Plug & Play Maintenance

  • Optimized train arrangement for Plug & play maintenance.
  • H-100 module exchange and Compressor bundle exchange will be proposed to minimize downtime.