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Training center

It is pleased for us to improve knowledge / skills on maintenance and operation of your staffs or experts for centrifugal compressor and steam turbine in our Training Center.

Outline of Training Center

  • Our training center opened in 1979 and has been renewed step by step to reflect the newest technology.
    To minimize trouble in the operation and maintenance of centrifugal compressor and steam turbine, this training center provides the system and facilities for operating and maintenance staffs to get fundamentals for the beginner at the earliest date and also to brush up themselves to the expert.
    We believe this training center is one of the best facility available today for the training of compressor and steam turbine through the world.
  • At the beginning of the seminar, fundamental knowledges necessary to understand operating and maintenance procedure are lectured to attendants using text books and audio-visual materials.
  • Operation simulater is used for the operation training.
    During seminar, the attendants can practice the operation in front of DCS (Distributed Control System), local panel, graphic panels and steam turbine model including electronic governing system, all of which are designed to be similar to those found in an actual plant.
    The instructor can observe the activities of the attendants in order to point out their mistake and instruct them for their correction work. More than 108 kinds of abnormal situations can be simulated for training.
    We can simulate abnormal operating conditions until the attendants have mastered the various situations. These kinds of seminar are not available on actual plant operation.
  • 1/5 scaled models of compressor, steam turbine, compressor's seal-bearings, alignment kit and actual dry gas seal, are used for the of maintenance training.
  • For the training of trouble shooting, the vibration analyzing system is used for the attendants to study how to solve vibration proglems of rotating machinery.


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