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MCO's Compressors and steam turbines are manufactured under one QA system (ISO9001) & one production control system .

Foundry Shop

- Good quality control

Futami plant

Double Gantry

- 2 large size casing machining capability at same time

Extra-Large Shop

- 7,900m2 (85,000ft2) space assembly shop

Test Stand

- String test capability for 2MTPY ethylene plant’s trains

Test stands 19 stands
Full Load Test Available
Shop Turbine / Motor 7 unit / 2 unit
Available Driver Type - Steam Turbine
- Gas Turbine
- Motor (Constant/Variable speed)

Shipping yard

- Loading a ship directly

Oversea works (MCO-I Pearland works)

MCO-I Pearland works is the MCO's first overseas compressor manufacturing and service base located in Pearland, which is within Houston area in the U.S. state of Texas.
The facility provides one-stop manufacturing, repair and maintenance services for compressors and drive steam turbines.

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