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Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE)

MCO will conduct our business activities based on the basic policies on health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE) which were established with the understanding that social responsibilities are to avoid any contingencies affecting every business activities and to preserve the environment by protecting the health and safety of workers and enforcing security procedures in conducting business activities in accordance with the our corporate principles and HSSE policy.

HSSE Definitions

HSSE abbreviation stands for Health, Safety, Security, and Environment.

・Health Provide a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for employees of the workplace who are engaged in operations.
・Safety Ensure the personal and physical safety of the office and work-sites, and maintain product quality.
・Security Prevent threats posed by crimes, disaster, and other emergencies, and respond appropriately to emergency situations.
・Environment Protect regional and global environments.

HSSE Basic Policies

  • HSSE performance is a social responsibility.
  • We will eliminate industrial accidents and ensure workers’ health with our will to do so and responsible action.
  • We will voluntarily push forward effective measures for HSSE.

Safety and Health Management Policy

MCO has placed our safety and health efforts as one of the top priorities in business management. We will strive to keep and improve our safe and healthy working environment that allows everyone to work lively, vigorously, and comfortably in all aspects of our business activities by ensuring that all of us proactively implement the full‐participated safety and health activities.

Security Policy

MCO will develop a system to provide the top management promptly with accurate information on risks which can potentially threaten the company’s existence when those risks are present or foreseeable. Giving top priority to save lives, we will resume business operations in a shortest period based on BCP.

Environment Policy

In conducting our business, MCO will strive to reduce burden on the environment in all aspects of our business activities with our awareness that a corporation is a member of society. We will also contribute to the building of a society with sustainable development by developing technologies and products which lead to environmental conservation with the use of our collective technological capabilities.

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